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Barbara Bachmann Gone too soon November 10, 2016
I did not know Jarod personally, but just watched the retelling of his story on television and was just blown away by the absolute evil that Jarod stood up against.  God bless him..... he could have gone on to become a marine and who knows what life held for him.   I believe he is with God now and offer my sincerest condolences to his family.  May he rest in peace.
Denise So sorry for your loss November 10, 2016
I just herd and saw what happens to your son Jared I am so sorry that happened  I don't understand why friends can be so cruel and mean and do what they all did   again so sorry for your loss  prayers for u all 
Lucy A loss like no other... May 24, 2016
If, like my friends, I had had children in my late 20s...  I might have a child Jared's age, so while I cannot relate to his friends and their motives?  I can relate to Jared's mother.

I know how difficult it must be for yourself and his siblings/extended family to live without him.  Know that he made an impact and his story continues to be told.  Thank you for sharing with the public the life of a wonderful young man.

Jared lives on in the hearts and minds of those who speak of him.  As long as he's remembered?  He isn't really gone. 
Tammy Sorry for your loss May 4, 2016
Just watched on TV.  I hope you can take some comfort in knowing he was standing up for what was right when he died.  God will watch over him now and he is with the angels.  I know that these evil boys will receive their Karma it has a way of working its way around sooner or later.  Just remember he stood up for what was right in the eyes of God and he is in Gods hands with no more pain and sorrows of this world. My you find comfort in your faith and know you will be reunited with him some day.
Jessica Sorry for your loss July 23, 2015
Watched on "killer kids" . Sorry for your loss. My condolences to your family. 
Serina he is missed March 13, 2014
I am an old friend of Jareds. i went to VoTech with him freshman year. We stayed in touch a little bit after he changed schools, but not enough. I miss him. 
Ida You Are Missed June 23, 2008
We are so sorry for your life cut short . I pray for your Mom and Travis to be at peace , I know it still hurts but know that he is in a better place . You are missed . Love to the family .   
bill adopted bro and g-ma & g-pa June 22, 2008

jared was a great kid and im sure he would of been a great man but his so called friends who murdered him took that  all away and and i hope they live with that the rest of there lifes in prison, and where ever they are.

to my adopted sister pat i love you and your family alot and i made this memorial site for you to allways remember, even though it took so long to make i didnt know you can do this untill now i hope you like it.

with all our love from your adopted brother and mom and dad and g ma and g pa.

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